Esperanto and Firecracker 4 are once again uniting to bring the 4th  Annual Doughboy Eating Contest to Downtown Saratoga!  The contest will take place on July 4th directly following the Firecracker 4 road race.  Contest location is near the City Center (look for the black and purple Esperanto tent).  Team Esperanto will face Team Firecracker 4, and both teams are looking for members!  If you are an Esperanto patron that would like to join Team Esperanto or a Firecracker 4 runner that would like to join Team Firecracker 4, we want you!


What is the contest?  It’s simple (and delicious)!  The two teams, seated across from each other, will compete in a timed Doughboy Eating Contest.  Each participant is challenged with 4 Doughboys.  The 1st individual participant to finish wins a $50 gift certificate to Esperanto and the 2nd to finish wins a $25 gift certificate to Esperanto.  The winning team (the team that finishes ALL of their Doughboys first) wins passes to the 2016 Firecracker 4 race and bragging rights for the year!


How do you enter?  All participants must be registered as Firecracker 4 participants.  You can register online at or at the race on the day of the event.  You don’t have to run in order to eat, you just have to register.  Seats are limited, so get to the table by 10am if you want a spot.  If necessary, Will Pouch (owner of Esperanto) and the Firecracker 4 Race Directors will be the ultimate selectors of participants.  We’ll see you there!”

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