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Firecracker4 2011 Check out this video by Albany Running Exchange  Firecracker4 2011

Photos by Dave Harmon

Photos by Erica Miller

V8 Fusion V8 V-Fusion Mango Smoothie fuels Firecracker 4 runners Firecracker 4 YouTube video by    therealjimkav Firecracker 4 in Saratoga Springs 2012 2012 Videos

Photos by Adam Vanderminden / Grace and Meredith Hungerford

2012 Photos Firecracker 4  NEWS10 ABC Coverage of the race Firecracker 4 Esperanto's Dough Boy eating contest Firecracker 4 2012 Race Video Special Thanks to Amanda Borroughs for some amazing video footage

Photos by Dave Harmon (set 2)

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Photos by Dave Harmon (set 1)

Photos by Erica Miller

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Photos By - Adam Vanderminden

Photos By - Dave Harmon

Photos By - Erica Miller

Photos By - Saratogian - Eric Jenks

Photos By - Times Union - John Carl D'Annibale

Photos By - Daily Gazette - Stacey Lauren-Kennedy

Video By Nick Rust Video By Bill O'Donnell' Stuffing Goodie Bags 2014 Firecracker 4 from  RUNNING Broadcast Series Video By: Ambrose Salmini National Anthem  by Jocelyn and Christian Arndt Photos by Kurtis Okosky 2015 Photos Video by  Ed Burke

Photos By - Dave Harmon

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Video by  Green Leaf Racing

Photos By - Erica Miller

Video Presented by Bill O'Donnell's Wilton Report and Geyser/Milton Report 2016 Photos Race photos will be posted at Pat Hendrick Photography Kids Race Press release video

Kids Race Saratogian article

SALMINI 2016 Firecracker 4 from RUNNING Broadcast Series

Firecracker Sparkler Kids Run start photos Firecracker Sparkler Kids Run Start Line Video Jocelyn & Chris Arndt perform the National Anthem at the 2016 FireCracker4 Race in Saratoga Springs, NY Firecracker4 and  Sparkler Kids Run by Gail Stein Firecracker4 - 4th of July Race - Saratoga Springs - by Longbow Media Firecracker4 photos by Alex Spinelli - Longbow Media